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You can't left me behind!

Since more than two months he was acting like this. He didn't contradict him anymore, didn't agree with him... he even didn't sing anymore! Every single order got carried out from him, without any word, without a single hint of emotion. Even if his eyes used to show his thoughts... But now? Now they were totally empty, all time long. As if his songbird didn't has a soul anymore. Was that little Angel really that important for him? Was this behavior a punishment for him, just because he eliminated this poultry? It had been within his rights! Nezumi wasn't allowed to belong to anyone! Nobody except him! And yet... it was like he has eaten the heart of the bard with the same bite with them he ate the heart of the angel. Stupid, naive thing. How could his favorite slave fallen in love with such a piece of shit? He was it who gave him everything! More than he could ever have in the human world. So why did he fallen in love with this poultry? With this there wasn't any other way to eliminate it. He wanted the fully attention of this human but it wasn't what he got from killing this piece of shit. The human wasn't giving him anything! Nothing! His price was the body of the human and surely no one could ever steal it away from him but having a body but not the person who should be in this body wasn't the same! Even if he took him, his beloved songbird didn't showed any emotion. Not even a single noise cam out of his mouth. No resist, no begging for more. It was like taking a doll, not the bard he loved. It was the same, when he punished or beat him. He tried everything and everything got taken by the bard without any emotion.
The black nails dug into the black wood of the small but splendid throne while the only one eye looked at the bed. Since he called him and said him he should sit down on the bed, he hasn't shown any movement. He was just sitting there, his eyes totally blanked. Since more than an hour even if he done nothing more than sitting on his throne and saying his name from time to time. Normally he already has asked for what he had called him! "Nezumi..." he whispered quietly, exactly looking at the human, which lifted up his head a little bit and starting looking into his direction. Four or five times, he had been playing this little game with him and always had got the same reaction: He lifted his head, looked to him and then, when he got no order, he looked straight forward with his empty eyes. Not a word, not a single emotion. Just like yet. Minutes passed and the bard looked away again. Didn't he noticed... That he done more to him with this than only punishing him? It tore him inside, not to have what he wanted to have. To not have Nezumi.
Without any spirit he stand up from the throne and went to the human whit slowly steps. Not a single reaction. Just silence. Since this day he wasn't even able to feel the hate of the human. This hate he thought he wanted it from this bard. But it was his love he wonted. The affection, the tenderness he gave to this angel. Wasn't it ironic that even hate would be enough for him now? "Nezumi, I want you to play on the lute and sing for me." how often did he expressed this order? It was the only one, which the bard totally ignored. Even now. "Speak to me. Tell me, what I have to do that you snap this behavior out." the voice of the demons sounded flat, nearly emotionless but it was only a sham. In his inside the demon was nearly broken. In all this time, it was going to be more than he could take. He wanted him back, wanted his Nezumi instead of a empty doll. Would he react if he would be more friendly? If he would be more gently? Normally it was under his pride but this time he stopped in front of the human and fell an his knees, to watch up into the face of his beloved bard. His hands lifted up, laid down on his cheeks. "Nezumi, please. You tortured me enough. Can't you see how far you get me? Come back to me. Speak with me." softly his warm hands stroke upon the light could cheeks of the human. No reaction... His hands left the cheeks behind and were going down. Lower and lower until they reached the upper arms of the human. The white and thin fingers wrapped around them. Would he awake when he shake him? Was he asleep in his inside? It was just a stupid idea just a wish thinking but it was enough in the despair of the demon. The hands begun to shake the bard. Back and forth, stronger and weaker, while the prince of darkness shouted out. "Nezumi! Damn it! Nezumi!" He shook and shook, but a reaction? The bard still got any of it out of him. He was still mute and didn't even look at him. Slowly there came a expression on the face of the demon, which normally wasn't to see on him: desperation. He was despair. Despair about the question how to get this person, this young man back. At least... did he accomplish what he first wanted to do until he changed his mind? Did he expelled his will? Did he... broke him? No! This couldn't be! Nezumi was someone special! He would never get his will taken away! Even not from him! "Nag about something..." quietly it came from the lips of the demon, while his head slowly went down. "Say that you hate demons..." the head still went down and a light, hardly to hear, shiver sounded in his voice. "...shout, that you hate me..." his head laid down on the lap of the bard, not able hold back what never should be. Darker than the night, as dark as the soul of the demon, tears came out of his eyes, finding their way down his cheeks. It was hard for him to not give any noise from him. "...but damn it, say anything! I want to hear your voice!" A shiver came upon the body of the prince of darkness, who has laid his head into the lap of his favorite slave and begun to cry bitter tears. "I beg you... I can't let you go." There was this feeling, this knowledge deep inside of him, that he would never get Nezumi back. No matte what he would do. He was gone and left him alone behind... For ever...

Yeah... some scene in a rpg with honey XD
Cronos is her charakter and Nezumi is mine...
I just wanted to write it XD
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