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Be welcome

Let me intruduce myself

I'm a totaly crazy woman.
Really, I am!

But I think I should start with my name and so on :icon0inuconfusedplz:

My name is Sera. Sure it isn't my real name, but I think it is ok for you, if you call me so. Otherwise you can call me wolfy if you like this nickname more.

Sadly I'm one of those persons who doesn't have much freetime. With my 24 years I'm a office clerk and going working takes the most time of my day.

But after the work I love it to take my time and to play some games or doing some drawing stuff. Besides those thinks, I'm also playing roleplaygames. shortly: Pen & Paper.

So please don't be angry, if I'm not there every day or not fast with my commissions.

I'm still doing my best.

To my person: I'm a friendly and open heartes person. Mostly of time I'm talking nonsens and doing one joke after another. Also I have a big sense of irony and sarcasm. If you don't understand this, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to talk with me withouth much misunderstandings. But be sure: Even if I use much irony and sarcasm, I'm still a small and nice wolfy :icon0inumeowplz:

What I like and what I don't like? To be honest... I'm to lazy to write this all xD
If you have any questions, just ask me. I won't bite you:icon0inulaplz:

Unless you're mean to me :icon0inugrinplz:

Commision prices

~Commision time - drawings~

Yes! I'm doing commisions! If you want to know more, just read!:icon0inuspazplz:

What I draw?

- Only humans or something that's shaped like a human (Like a neko and so on)

- Linearts
(No example till yet, because I always colored my lines :icon0inuwthplz:)

- Sketches (black white / flat colored / lines)
(Nezumi by ShadowwolfSera Picture for Adoptabel by ShadowwolfSera Riiko in a formel dress by ShadowwolfSera)

- Fullcolor
(Contest Entry 2 - Spirit Queen - Ainsel by ShadowwolfSera Contest entry by ShadowwolfSera Adoptables by ShadowwolfSera

I can try to draw animals, but I won't promise that they will look good, I'm not really used to draw stuff like this.


The prices:

Linearts -> 100 Points

Headshoot -> 40 Points
Fullbody -> 50 Points
flat colored -> 60 Points

Colored -> 300 Points

I will also draw for money :)
100 Points -> 1,- €
200 Points -> 2,- €
And so on.
Surely I have a paypal account!

Happy New Year!! (And personal stuff)

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 3, 2014, 11:01 PM

I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year till yet. :icon0inulickplz:
To be honest, since 2 weeks this is the first time, I have time for myself and time to write something here.

It's a bit late, but I still want to wish you all a

Happy New Year!!! :icon0inulolplz:

2 weeks ago I thought the time wouldn't flow that fast and today I already had to bring my honey to the station, that she can travel home. :icon0inucryplz:

In some way I feel a bit relived, because now I have my small flat for me alone and my 'normal life' again, but at the moment it still doesn't feel right...

Even with music it's still.... quiet. I hate this feeling. I know that this wasn't a good bye forever. I will see her again this year. We both don't know when, but we definitely will see each other but still it hurts. :icon0inuhurtplz:

And it's every time the same. I tell myself 'don't cry! It's not a forever!' but yeah... I'm a emotional person. I didn't cry in front of her but not to cry, I didn't fulfilled this demand of myself. I also feel like I wasted the whole 2 weeks... I think that I didn't done enough with her even if we done so much and had so much fun. It's every time the same.

*sigh* And now I will clean up my flat, so that I can be there when my honey arrives at home. :icon0inupleaseplz:


Do you know how it feels to let someone you love so much go? :icon0inupleaseplz:

  • Mood: Tearful
  • Listening to: Random stuff
  • Reading: Ai no Kusabi Vol. 2
  • Watching: Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Mango Ice tea


Commisions prices - writings

~Commision time - writings~

I also will write a Fanfic for you, if you want to give me that as a commision, but I have to know the charakters of the story, so that I know how they would act. Otherwiese it would be totaly out of charakter :icon0inuairhumpplz:

The lowest cost for a fanfic will be 300 Points. The price can increase, if the Fanfic will get much longer than I thought or it was a situation it would be hard for me to get it correctly (usually I'm used to writing ;) )
It's a high price, because I normaly write them in german and translate them into english. So if you want a german fanfic from me, the price will be lower.

:icon0inulickplz: Click below to get a preview of my writings

New HopeNew Hope
How long now? How long now is he trying to get back? Back into his world. Back to his home. Back to his beloved wife. Centuries have gone, countless victims have had to suffer and die for his goal. But then, when the time has come and his goal was close enough to catch it, Weyer and Agrippa betrayed him shameful for their fussy goal and ruined everything. Weyer managed to get away but Agrippa… He was still here. His hostage. His only connection to Weyer. Even thought he has captured Agrippa now for a quiet long time in the downstairs of Castle Brennenburg, Weyer hasn't showed himself. He has only get letters from him in which he want Agrippas release with the promise that he will try to find a way to help him out of his predicament. But only the try isn't enough for him! He wants, he needs the confirmation that he can return! Not one single moment earlier he would set Agrippa free. But what was it that let him believe that he can return? The orb that he i



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Thank you very much for the fave :)

Van-Syl-Production Dec 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Danke für die Favs und den Watch =)
MacabreXS Oct 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav. ^^
You're welcome^^
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Würdest du bitte aufhören, mein Profil zu beschmutzen? Danke^^

Immerhin tut es dir soooo weh, meinen Namen zu lesen. Also halt dich von meinem Profil fern.
Nachdem ich Rosi schon das Geld leihen musste, damit sie es dir wieder zurück zahlen kann, möchte ich so etwas wie dich nicht auf meiner Seite haben.

Und btw: Viel spaß beim copy and paste.
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:iconmyduckeatsbrains: hat dir den Wolf/Husky als kleines Geschenk gekauft
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